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4 thoughts on “Transplanting Lesson Video

  1. Deirdre Reichard

    Please can you advise where I may obtain Teabags for the seedlings ? I bought some small seedling net pots and we are going to use PVC pipes for our NFT system, but am concerned the new root system will not reach the water solution at bottom of the channel because the pot is suspended in the pipe .. I have thought of threading some thin rope ( wicking or cotton fabric ) into each Net pot so the water solution can be drawn up into the seedling / plant .. Any help will be most appreciated .. Thank you

    1. 160Hydro

      Reichard, please reconfirm which country you are based in? We are currently buying the biodegradable/teabags from online stores in China. Ali Express has them. I would recommend that you buy them from there and have them shipped to you. The full name for them is Biodegradable Non-Woven Nursery Bags Plant Grow Bags.

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