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17 thoughts on “Seedbed Preparation. Lesson Video

  1. Deirdre Reichard

    Are there any specific ‘quick grow ‘ varieties of lettuce or leafy greens that you can recommend for Hydroponic farming as there are so many available on the market ? I planted my seeds 3 weeks ago and they are definitely not ready for transplanting, however my spinach seedlings varieties are looking healthy with strong stems but the iceberg Lettuce seedlings aren’t as wonderful.. I also have a few other variety of leafy lettuce varieties in my seed trays but still only at 2 inch height .. Some have collapsed too. Any advice will be most helpful. Thanks

    1. 160Hydro

      Spinach seedlings generally germinate faster than lettuce. You could try planting Monaco lettuce for us this germinates faster than all other varieties. The weather could also affect the germination speed of your seedlings. On the day that you place the seeds in the seed tray you can cover the tray with plastic to heat up the medium this speeds up germination. Do this for 2 or 3 days whilst still watering the seedlings and see if there is any change

      1. Deirdre Reichard

        Thanks for the Info for the Lettuce and will certainly try this variety. I will follow your advice on the plastic cover for the next seed trays as I didn’t cover the last seed trays and we had some very cold weather here -, which makes sense why the stunt in growth. I have now moved them into my small greenhouse and they much happier and I see good root growth generating , I hope to plant these seedlings soon . . Thanks again for your help

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