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Murewa Agribusiness Innovation and Incubation Hub
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37 students
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Murewa Agribusiness Innovation and Incubation Hub
Murewa Agribusiness Innovation and Incubation Hub is a youth, women and smallholder farmers incubation, training and capacity building initiative. It aims to facilitate creation of collaborative, efficient and commercially viable agricultural ventures that will develop and sustain the agricultural and food production value chain system. The incubation hub offers youth and women farmers these services and facilities; 1. Access to information, knowledge and technology through agribusiness, entrepreneurship, skills training and capacity building. 2. Access to post harvest facilities 3. Training and capacity building on climate smart agriculture 4. They will be trained on financial literacy and management services. We facilitate access to funding, impact financing, seed capital management, networking events and crowd-funding. 5. During training and incubation period we will facilitate access to land, farming infrastructure and equipment. 6. We will facilitate domestic and export markets for local smallholders farmers 7. Collaborative, co-working and co-creating. The trainees will be availed to co-working space with computers and internet. They will be assisted with company registration, partnerships and collaborations.

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